Focused on clients. Fixated on success.

The attorneys at Lillard Wise Szygenda have been successful in every litigation forum in which their clients have found themselves. Whether prosecuting or defending actions before juries, trial judges, appellate judges, administrative agencies, or arbitration panels or advocating their clients' interests even before suit has been filed, LWS attorneys enjoy a remarkable record of success.

A Tradition of Service

There was a time when lawyers spoke of their clients using the term "we" when advocating, recognizing that the organizing principle of an attorney's existence was to advance the client's interests through zealous representation in accordance with the lawyer's ethical obligations. In an age where law firms increasingly view their clients as profit centers, the attorneys at LWS appreciate the primacy of the client.

A Unique Field of Vision

We take great pride in having developed and articulated new and often cutting-edge claims and defenses in successfully advancing our clients' interests in the most complex matters. While skilled in the technical aspects of trial advocacy, we also possess the vision and creativity that is a difference-maker. LWS attorneys do more than just handle litigation. Through enlightened analysis, driven by sound legal principles, we present innovative arguments to further your interests and goals.

A History of Success

With more than 300 jury trials, bench trials, and arbitrations successfully tried to verdict and more than 50 appeals favorably prosecuted or competently defeated, our lawyers have successfully represented a wide array of clients in a variety of industries, ranging from Fortune 500 companies in billion-dollar contract and tort disputes to individuals seeking to resolve soured business relationships.

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