LWS Attorneys Publish Article On Fraud In The Fall 2009 Issue Of The St. Mary’s Law Journal

January 1, 2010

Dallas, TX  January 2010 – Of Lies and Disclaimers—Contracting Around Fraud under Texas Law, an article written by LWS’s three members, Bob Wise, Andy Szygenda, and Tom Lillard, was published in the recently-released, Fall 2009 issue of the St. Mary’s Law Journal.  The article provides a comprehensive survey of Texas law governing contractual provisions, such as disclaimers of reliance and merger/integration clauses, that parties frequently use (often unsuccessfully) to avoid claims of fraud in connection with business transactions.  Of particular importance to business representatives and other contract negotiators, the article also suggests language that a contracting party can include in its agreements to reduce the risk that the party will later be subject to a claim or liability for fraudulently inducing the other party to enter into the contract. See 41 St. Mary’s L.J. 119 (2009)

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