Personal Injury

Whether representing the plaintiff or the defendant, LWS has the ability to handle virtually any matter involving serious personal injury.  LWS attorneys have defended many negligence and gross-negligence lawsuits involving fatalities, including several electric contact and gas-explosion cases.  We have also defended clients accused of injuring individuals through environmental contamination, the manufacture of inadequate protective gear, unsafe work practices, and deficient premises maintenance.  At the same time, we have represented multiple plaintiffs who were injured by the negligence of others.  Examples of our accomplishments and engagements include the following:

  • Winning a favorable jury verdict for a utility accused of negligently causing power line contact that resulted in the amputation of the plaintiff’s arm and purported brain damage.
  • Successfully representing a client in an auto collision jury trial in which the plaintiff sued for $1.3 million in personal injury damages but was only awarded $2,400, the value of the damage to his car.
  • Obtaining dismissal of claims against a gas-pipeline company in a pipeline explosion fatality case.
  • Successfully representing a gas company accused of causing the plaintiff’s home to explode while she was in it.
  • Successfully representing a utility in a wrongful-death suit in which parents contacted a downed power line and were electrocuted as their child watched.

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