Real Property

LWS has extensive experience litigating disputes over real property rights. Our attorneys have handled disputes involving nuisance claims, unjust-taking claims, mineral lease rights, royalty rights, clouds on title, right-of-ways, trespass, loss-of-lateral support, unlawful impoundment or diversion of water, and the rights of commercial lessors and landlords. Examples of our accomplishments and engagements include the following:

  • Obtaining summary judgment dismissing nuisance claims brought by a town and certain of its residents concerning a client’s pipeline operations.
  • Successfully representing a client whose office building’s lateral support fell into the parking garage of a neighboring condominium building resulting in claims and counterclaims for trespass, violation of the Texas Water Code, nuisance, and breach of a lease agreement.
  • Currently representing clients in unjust taking cases involving alleged construction of a pipeline without payment of compensation and theft of water by a drilling operator.
  • Successfully representing a tenant in a constructive eviction dispute with a commercial landlord who sued the client for nearly two hundred thousand dollars in unpaid rent.

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